Dietician in Vikas Puri, India 

Hi,Welcome to fisico diet clinic.I am Dt Vidhi Chawla,your nutritionist. I believe food is the essence of life and we are what we eat.At fisico Diet clinic,we help you to achieve a healthy weight and lost health.We have a  long list of followers who have achieved positive results whether it is Nutritional deficiencies, Weight loss/weight gain, Detoxification, Paediatric nutrition, Womens issues (PMS, pre & postnatal pregnancy, menopause, etc). We have a long list of satisfied clients from all the walks of life whether housewives, professionals, students, kids and many more...We give importance to nutritional diet that not only helps you stay fit, but keeps you healthy even if you are suffering with a host of ailments such as cardiac problems, diabetes, kidney problems, and gluten allergy.REGISTER WITH US TO GET PERSONALIZED DIET PLANS AS PER YOUR REQUIREMENT AND ADD ON URSELF TO LIST OF OUR SATISFIED HAPPY CLIENTS. 
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